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The "ONE NATION UNDER GOD" art show was held on July 25, 2019 at St. George's Episcopal Church in La Canada, California. The show featured work from sixteen young artists in the Los Angeles area, who were selected from nearly 50 entries. Each work was entirely different from the next, but as a whole the exhibit worked cohesively to explore the themes of religion and identity in American society. There were a wide variety of mediums utilized, including digital and film photography, oil painting, line drawings, mixed media, film,  sculpture, and installation. The open floored space, along with the circle of chairs pointing out towards the works, conveyed democracy physically by allowing entrants to discuss the sometimes controversial topics of modern America as a unified community. 


David Egan... "I'm Begging You Remember Me Please," Line Drawing. 

Yaya Brown.. "Ozweld and Tiffany," Sculpture, Assorted Parts. 

Benjamin Samuels... "BENJAMIN MILES," Oil painting on canvas.

Gabby Tavera... "Untitled," Oil painting on canvas.  

Lucca Guzman... "Three Wise Butterflies" Digital photography. 

Caroline Wreszin... Untitled, Pencil. 

Madison Manning... Untitled, Oil painting on canvas. 

Evan Gi... "SHDWD." Digital Photography. 

Adali Schell... Untitled I-IV Fashion District, Film photography.

Seb Evans... Film Curator.

Shant Armenian... "Soorp," Video Art.

                        ... "Asdvatsashoonch" Installation. 

Jonah Mazer... "Television Set," Video Art. 

Magnolia Paisley... Assorted Poems. 

Simone Cundieff... Untitled, Graphic Art. 

Cole Swanson... "Butterfly," Film.

                      ... "Black Swan Popup," Magazine and Clothing Popup Shop. 

John Lytle... "One Nation Under God," Photo Series.

                ... "One Nation Under God Art Show" Creative Director, Founder. 




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